There are so many different elements involved in being an amazing pitcher. Achieving greatness at any level means having dedication, perseverance, and love of the game. It means having at least one parent who is fully committed to providing you with all of the best resources. It is also about having the right knowledge about pitching mechanics, game situations, nutrition, and the competitive mindset. At a higher level, it is about understanding how the college recruiting process works. We are here to provide you with all of the resources you need to be the very best you can be:

  • Private Lessons

    Julianne is currently accepting names for her waiting list. All of the other instructors at Flawless Fastpitch have had years of education about pitching. They are ready and waiting to help you.

  • College Video Planning, Assessment and Critique

    This is an excellent  option for people who need help planning and perfecting their college video.  We create a plan for filming the right angles, and discuss the best ways to make you shine as a pitcher.  Finally, we assess and critique the video to make sure that the editing is appropriate for college coaches.  The minimum cost for this service is $100 and it increases as the complexity and planning increases.

  • Video Analysis

    This is a particularly good option for people who do not live in the New York area or collegiate pitchers who are away at school.  This is also a great option for people who feel their game performance isn’t congruent with their performance in practice.  Pitchers who chose to participate in the program can either receive their analysis via phone, Skype or written email.  The minimum cost for this service is $75.

  • Group Lessons

    These are designed for groups of 3 or more students and customized based on age and skill level.  Contact us for more information.

  • Seminars/Speaking Engagements

    Do you need some motivation? Are your coaches clueless about pitching?  Do you need someone to talk to your team about the college recruiting process or nutrient timing?  We’ve got you covered.  Contact us for pricing.

  • Hypnosis and Havening

    These techniques address what is arguably the most important factor in success: the mental component.  This is incredibly helpful for performance stress.  It is invaluable for those of you who feel like you have “hit the wall” in your training.  An initial hypnosis session is usually an hour and a half and is $200.  Each subsequent session is $125.

  • A-Game Consultation or Athletic Performance Consultation

    A-Game Consultations are perfect for athletes who need help understanding the college recruiting process.  True Athletic Potential (TAP) Consultations are perfect for athletes who need help learning about nutrient timing, recovery techniques, cross-training techniques and more.  The consultation fee for either service is $250.

  • The Elite Pitcher Weekend

    This is an excellent option for girls coming from out of state.  Spend an entire weekend at Flawless Fastpitch: learning mechanics, nutrition, college recruiting, recovery, and the mental aspect of the game. Contact us for pricing.

  • Become An Elite Pitcher Day

    Do you want a little bit of everything?  Julianne will personally create a customized day for you to address all of the factors you need to become an Elite Pitcher.  This is a great option for out-of-state players. Cost: $1000

  • Online Pitching Program

    This 26 day program will allow you to do multiple lessons every day. It includes mechanics, nutrition, the mental game, hydration, motivation, and so much more! You will also be able to post video of yourself pitching every day and get feedback every day. For more information, you can look up The Elite Pitcher’s Blueprint on

    Listen to Julia talk about her experience with the online program.