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Julianne’s Story

Julianne Soviero

Julianne understands all of the struggles that you are experiencing as a pitcher.

As a young athlete, Julianne wanted nothing more than to be a pitcher. Unforunately, her first attempts at pithing were described by her father as “looking like a drunk stork.” Undeterred, Julianne went to her first camp at Hofstra University and fell in love with the complexity and intensity of the pitching motion. She worked so hard at the camp that she slept for 14 hours her first day back.
The camp gave her all of the motivation she needed. She made her parent’s basement into a shrine for pitching, complete with motivational quotes that she wrote on the walls. She put in thousands of hours of practice in that basement and emerged a new pitcher and a new person.
She proceeded to become an All-County Athlete, the recipient of a Division I athletic scholarship, and an academic All-American. She was instrumental in leading her team to win the MAAC Conference during her freshman year.
Unfortunately, learning the motion wasn’t the only hurdle that Julianne had to overcome. A tear to her ulnar cartilage required surgery, took a year of rehabilitation, and nearly destroyed her collegiate career.
Julianne thought she would never pitch again, which is why she is currently obsessed with injury prevention and was a researcher in Lenox Hill’s study on “The Performance Demand of Softball Pitching.” Several years after she finally recovered fully from surgery, she became one of the few pitchers to ever pitch a win against the world-famous Brakettes. She has used all that she has through her struggles to produce countless award-winning athletes.

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