Are your Resolutions still forefront in your mind?  Unfortunately, many of us give up on our new ambitions right around this time (before we even have a chance to succeed!). The truth: resolutions to start eating right and exercising usually only  last about a week or two. Part of the problem is that we tend to invest more money than effort at the beginning .  Most people start out the year buying workout clothes, sneakers, and then an expensive gym membership, thinking that the gym membership is the only way to get in shape.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. You should just work out in your house in your pajamas.

For the average person who just wants to look and feel better, a gym membership is typically a complete waste of money and time. When someone who hasn’t worked out in a while goes to the gym, that person typically knows very little about anatomy and physiology. That person doesn’t know how to use the equipment. That person feels uncomfortable around the people at the gym who are already in good shape. Even though a personal trainer might really help that person, she decides she will try to figure it out herself, and instead waits 30 minutes at the peak time of day for a treadmill. For those of you who know a little bit about exercise, you know that the treadmill is really not a very good form of exercise, because it only works on one plane of motion and because the momentum created by the treadmill makes it so that the participant is not actually working that hard. Running three miles on a treadmill, but being unable to do the same thing on pavement is a common phenomenon, and it has A LOT to do with that momentum. So then you might think: “alright, I will just use the elliptical.” The elliptical is still not really a good option because it limits range of motion and also uses momentum. Plus, neither machine addresses the fact that someone who wants to get in good shape needs to build muscle to burn more calories at rest. So how much is really getting done in the half hour you are spending on these machines?

The answer? Not much.

There are other problems. Getting to the gym is a huge struggle because it is going to be at least a 15 minute commute, then there is the drive back, and budgeting all of this time into an already busy is schedule can feel like having another job. If the equipment that might be targeted for that day is already in use, then more time is wasted.

I think most people can see why the average person gives up quickly, only to revisit the gym if an important event is coming up. No wonder there is an obesity epidemic!

Meanwhile, anyone can get a better workout at home just using body weight. Seriously. Nutrition plans are also accessible from home, and most people tend to not get the results they want because they are lacking in the area of nutrition.

Consider the possibilities:
Wake up an hour earlier than usual, drive to the gym, guess at which equipment might work for you
Wake up and workout in your pajamas while saving all of that money that you would have spent on the gym membership. Plus, now you don’t have to spend extra money on fancy gym clothes. Your pajamas work totally fine.

I think this is where people who are going after a specific body type (they want to look like a body builder or want to train for a specialized sport) think that they still need a gym membership. This might have been true several years ago, but now there are programs that you can do at home that will create the body type you would like, as long as you are also eating well.

Different goals in terms of body type will require different kinds of equipment in your home, but, most of the time, you can get it done with some bands and a stability ball (even after you pay for an online streaming program and some supplements, you will still come out ahead financially). So here is a handy little guide if you want to do your daily workouts INSIDE your own home, instead of dealing with the hassle and expense of going to the gym. All of the text in orange contains links to the programs discussed, so it couldn’t be easier to get started!

Beachbody On-Demand: If you aren’t totally sure what kind of fitness would most interest you and want to be able to use all different programs, then this the the program for you. At about $99 for the year (literally 1/5 of what it would cost you to belong to a gym), you will save money and be able to try a variety of workouts. The link I provided also provides a nutrition pack, portion containers, and shakes. With a program like this, you can choose to do only body weight training, you can choose to do training for a sport, you can do dance workouts, or you can do tai chi or body building workouts. The options are pretty much endless, so you can dig in and try several different programs.

Tracy Anderson workouts: If you want to do dance-oriented workouts entirely and are looking for something that is kind of like Barre (except that Anderson uses a chair, which makes things really easy from an equipment standpoint), this is a good match for you. Most workouts are either with your own body weight, or require some very simple equipment like 3 pound weights, a mat, and a chair.

Yoga: This program comes with Beachbody on Demand, but if you know that you ONLY want yoga, instead of paying that studio membership, this is the way to go. I still would recommend getting On Demand, since these workouts tend to be a little bit easier and there are now a lot more yoga programs in the On Demand portfolio, but this is the best if you are a beginner and choose to only do yoga.

The Beast or Hammer and Chisel: These are also included in Beachbody on Demand, but can be purchased separately if you know that you only want to work on bodybuilding. The one thing that you will need to keep in mind is that fact that any bodybuilding that you do in your home is going to require more equipment. Whereas most at-home workouts can be done with very little, The Beast workouts in particular require at least barbells, a bar, and dumbells. You can use a bench or a stability ball to do the exercises on, but if you are new to bodybuilding, I would not suggest a stability ball to start, as that requires a lot more balance.

T25: This also comes with Beachbody on Demand, but if you know that you will be pressed for time so that you can’t possibly spend more than 25 minutes a day working out, I highly recommend this program. There aren’t many programs that can offer a full workout in 25 minutes, but T25 absolutely delivers. It is an excellent product that many busy people love.

P90x2 or Shift Shop: These two programs (also included in Beachbody On Demand) are for people who are looking for well-rounded athleticism. Shift Shop does a lot of plyometric work and is great for people looking to build speed. P90x is much more advanced, but great for those of you who are looking to understand not only how to explode better, but also how to recover better.

I hope that this serves you well. Remember, you can either make progress or make excuses, but you can’t make both. Working out from home is the easiest way to get into a good routine. Remember, you can create ANY body type at home, on your own, just make sure that you choose a level of intensity that is right for you to begin with and use the “talk test” (can you still speak while doing exercises?) to determine if you are overdoing it. Go get after it!!!

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