You may already know this, but many of my blogs are inspired by some great questions that have been asked during lessons or via email. So keep those questions coming since they benefit everyone!!!! Recently, a parent asked about cross-training during the season. This is such a great question because we don’t want to START a new program during the season unless it is a pre-hab or rehab-type program prescribed by a physical therapist.


Regardless of what position you play, you will typically be practicing six days a week in season. That alone will cause some soreness, muscle fatigue, and breaking down of muscle tissue. To add a new workout on top of this could potentially lead to overtraining which might actually hurt your performance. It would also make it difficult to determine if the soreness that you are experiencing is coming from something you are doing in your overhand throw, your pitch, your swing or your new workout program. There are simply too many variables.

So what are some things that you can do in season to keep you in shape and help promote recovery but avoid detracting from your performance?

So glad you asked!

If you started a program prior to the season, it is fine for you to continue in a maintenance phase (for more on this, read about periodization). If not, here are some workouts that you can use DURING your season that should not cause soreness or tightness but will still promote balance, strength and flexibility.

Three week yoga retreat: Even if you have never done yoga before, this great program eases you into yoga. You can then choose to do more advanced yoga in the Beachbody Yoga Studio. Yoga is amazing for all athletes in general since it not only works on balance and flexibility, but also the mental component of the game. It requires focus and patience, which are things that we all need to work on.

Dynamix: You will find this workout in P90x3. It is only a half hour long, but it was developed by Tony Horton and an Olympic Sprinter to help to activate your muscles and work on your mobility.

Recovery and Mobility: You will find this workout in P90x2. This is a workout that you should be doing AT LEAST once a week in season. It is an hour long BUT it really helps your body to recover faster from all of that work you are doing. Taking care of your fascia during the season is also a great way to help prevent injury.

All of these workouts are appropriate for any age. In future posts, however, I will be discussing workouts that are appropriate for different ages. Just know that, as a young athlete, you should be working mostly with the weight of your own body and you should DEFINITELY NOT be doing any powerlifting or olympic style lifting, even in the off-season. More on that next time!

Keep those great questions coming!

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