I am excited to announce that we are planning on starting limited hours in the coming weeks and expanding more as time goes on. My husband (who is a pharmacist) recently tested negative for antibodies even though we know for a fact that he was exposed in January by one of his coworkers. So we are going to follow his template for safety as we begin limited hours.

Lessons will temporarily look a little different.

-I know you are used to one of my amazing athletes warming you up for 20 minutes and you throw with me for 20 minutes. This has been my favorite format and I will return to it when I feel that it is safe. To limit the number of people involved in each lesson, though, you will have the option of either warming up outside or in the little cage prior to your lesson, and then you will throw with me for 30 minutes.

-I will be the only one catching for lessons. Though I typically love that parents catch or that you bring your own catcher, to keep safe distance, it will be just me.

-I ask that you please do not bring siblings, friends, or other players on your team to lessons. Again, I typically love to see you bring people, but we want to be able to stay as safe as possible.

-Although I am excited to use the sensors during lessons, if you do not have your own sensors, we cannot use them. This is because I don’t feel that there is an adequate way to sanitize them in between lessons.

-You are welcome to wear masks if it makes you feel more comfortable, though it is not required.

-The ball will be sanitized in between lessons using rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizer will be available.

-Please keep at least 6 feet away from everyone at all times. If you would rather wait in the office, outside, or in your car until your lesson is scheduled to start, that is totally fine, just let me know ahead of time.

-Know that I will not be moving your body to cue you. We will still use a lot of different equipment, but will be avoiding contact for safety’s sake.

-My husband recommends high dose vitamin C with lots of water to help protect your immune system

-My husband also recommends putting the clothes you wear out in the laundry immediately and showering when you get home

-If you do not want to handle money or checks during this time (totally understandable), you can use Zelle to Juliannesoviero@gmail.com

Hours will begin this Sunday from 3-8PM. If you need a lesson prior to that time, you can do it via FaceTime.

If you still aren’t comfortable, no problem. Many people are more comfortable with the Facetime lessons (still available) the Online Programs (also still available) or our new combination of sensor technology and video analysis (6 month minimum commitment). You have a broad range of options available to you, so let me know what will help you most. I can’t wait to see you all!!!