I have watched pitching change dramatically over the last several decades.

Different techniques and drills have created pitchers who are faster, more consistent and more kinesthetically aware.

I remember a time when throwing 60 mph was a big deal and nearly a guarantee that hitters would be overpowered. Since 2010, I have had over five of my pitchers throw 65 mph plus (all attended or signed to Division I schools). So, especially during this time when our sports lives are in this state of suspended animation, it is only natural to wonder: what will pitching look like in another 10 years? Will I have several girls throwing 70 and beyond at that point?

I think I am beginning to see the answer (at least in part).

If you follow the study of pitching the way that I have, you know that some of the top universities have used sensor technologies to determine what it is that makes some athletes throw better than others. Even MLB has been starting to use this technology.

The thing is, until this point, those sensors often required a full suit (imagine putting that on every time you went to pitch!) and they were also prohibitively expensive.

But now, there is technology available to coaches that allows the use of sensors that are velcroed to the body with straps. These sensors not only provide an overwhelming amount of metrics, they also give both players and coaches information to create corrective sequences based on those metrics.

Are you impressed yet? I know I was.

Ready for the best part? We don’t even have to be in the same state for me to access the data in real time (it will give me all of your angles within a degree) and give you corrective sequences literally EVERY TIME YOU PRACTICE. That’s right, you can wear these every single time you practice and get metrics every single time. Crazy, right?

I feel like I stepped into the future!

So, since we are all stuck at home, now is the perfect time to evolve in ways that we simply could not evolve before.

My sensors are arriving in just a few days and I can’t wait to get started.

Who wants to be first to step into the future? Message me for more information.

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