This has been an amazing week for me as I have had two of my athletes gain 9 miles an hour in less than 3 months and I have had several other athletes hit massive speed goals (one of which was to hit 65mph, another was to hit 60mph).

It really got me thinking a lot about pitching lessons in general.

Here’s why: some girls go to the same lessons for months or years, paying for lessons the whole time, and see little to no progress. That can end up being a waste of thousands of dollars. Now, of course, anyone who doesn’t practice will fail to see progress, but I am referring to the girls who are doing everything the instructor prescribes and STILL not getting better.

I see a lot of these girls for the first time after they have had 9 months of these kinds of lessons and I can see how hard it has been on them. Putting in all the work without getting any results is discouraging at best and, at worst, can make good athletes want to quit. These girls are wary of trying a new instructor. They aren’t sure if it will be more of the same. But then they see themselves getting better literally over the course of one lesson and their confidence soars. These are usually the girls who gain 5mph in a week or two because they are hard workers but have just spent a long time working on the wrong things.

So I thought: what if I did something radically different for girls like this who don’t live close enough to see me for lessons?

I am going to do a test group using the following strategy:

-I will accept only 5 girls (you must apply and be accepted: message or email me for application)

-You will have my support as long as you need it to add an additional 5 mph to your current speed

-You will have a unique program crafted just for you (this is not a group online program with preset lessons like The Elite Pitcher’s Blueprint)

-It will be a flat rate of $500 (as opposed to paying for individual lessons)

So 5 girls will gain 5 mph for $500 (however long it takes) with a money back guarantee.

You must:

-Have access to a smart phone and ability to send slow motion video footage and receive video footage via phone or email

-Have access to the SAME radar gun all of the time (pocket radars tend to read a little bit slow BUT they are consistent to themselves, so just be sure to use that same gun every time).

-Be willing to check in with me 2 times a week

This is not open to my current students or anyone who is within driving distance of my facility. To my knowledge, nothing like this has been done before, so this should be really fun! I am looking forward to helping 5 girls achieve their goals!!