I know that this is a hard time for the softball community. We are all itching to get back on the field. We miss our coaches and our teammates. We aren’t sure how to best operate from home. We don’t know what timeline we should operate on (should we act as if we will have games 2 weeks from now or 10?). Where we were probably doing some cross-training at a gym or studio before COVID, we are now confined to our homes.

So I would like to help you out with as much of this as I can.

Let’s start by creating a timeline.

I know that, initially, many schools planned on still having spring sports this season. As time goes on, that is beginning to seem increasingly less likely. So we are probably going to be shooting for throwing in games again in maybe 4-6 weeks. It’s sort of like middle of January/February in terms of what our throwing demands should be. The ideal schedule right now would have you throwing 3-5 days a week (remembering that you don’t have to go full speed or full motion every day: some days are good for just doing your motion slowly or working spins). I would keep that pitch count between 80 and 100 for three of the days and then see where you are at in terms of fatigue for the other two days. I think a lot of pitchers will not have the stamina they need when the season does start up again, so here is your opportunity. I also want to see you practice some innings! Don’t just go one inning after another. Take a break as if your team is up to bat and then do warm-up pitches and start the next inning. It is much easier to pitch when you are using momentum. It is much harder when you have to start and stop.

If you are missing doing lessons in person with your coach, so am I! I actually had a good cry over it yesterday (although I know there is no crying in baseball). I want to tell you something from the bottom of my heart though: sometimes learning online is better. You can do everything at your own pace and, since there is unlimited video footage and lots of opportunity to do things in slow motion, you will essentially have two coaches (me and you!). I have had three girls in my online program make some stunning adjustments (and they were already throwing really well). So yes, I love and miss the social interaction of lessons, but can distance learning be even better at times? Yes. If you would like to join our online learning community, either of these programs can be tailored to any skill level: The Elite Pitcher’s Blueprint OR Pre-Season Pitching Perfection. You do have to do some prep work, though, and they start on Monday, so SIGN UP NOW.

Next, you do need to be doing some cross-training. I don’t know where I would be right now without Beachbody on Demand because that is 45 minutes a day where I don’t worry about anything except sweating. And in these times, I can definitely think of a lot to worry about. Cross-training should be unique to each individual, so, although you can access almost 1,000 workouts with the link that I have embedded, I WANT YOU to message me for help. It won’t help you to do just any workout. You need to do something that will help you with the areas that you struggle in.

Eat right. I know it’s hard. Stress and boredom are poor bedfellows when it comes to eating. Do you need help in this area? Connect with me for an online consultation.

Finally, do some things to help your mind. In The Elite Pitcher’s Blueprint, there is a lot on the mental game and stress, but there are lots of creative ways you can destress. Meditate. Learn to paint. Go for lots of walks (while keeping social distance).

I miss teaching in person immensely. I am so grateful that my wonderful pitchers have been doing The Elite Pitcher’s Blueprint and posting both their triumphs and their struggles so that I may still help them while keeping everyone #safeathome. Let’s not use this time as an excuse as to why we did not improve. Let’s use this time to excel.