The Mental Game is often the most important part of the game at a higher level, but it is also overlooked. Do you engage in activities to better your mental game on a daily basis? If not, then you could be missing some seriously valuable opportunities to better yourself and best your competition. Particularly in softball, where there is a lot a down time (read: a lot of time to overthink), sometimes we need professional guidance. To get that professional guidance, we are very grateful to be welcoming the amazing Melanie Rushing to our interview series.

Melanie is a mental game coach with a Masters in Sport and Performance Psychology who had to overcome the negativity in her own head to achieve her personal best in softball. She has been through the difficult stuff. She understands your pain points. She solved her own difficulties with the mental game through her higher education and through continually learning everything she can about the mental game. In this interview, she tells us FIVE things that we can do EVERY DAY to improve our mental game. As a added bonus for this particular interview, the first three people to email her at and mention the Flawless Fastpitch interview will receive a FREE 1/2 hour coaching session ($50 value). So don’t delay! Find out more about Melanie at

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