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The Speed Trap

I have a confession: I always want more speed. When I was pitching, I felt like I spent years and years working towards the elusive 60 mph, only to hit it sporadically. After I had a lesson with Kaci Clark and she made a few amazing adjustments, I added 4 mph consistently. Then I was [...]

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https://anchor.fm/rob-crews/episodes/Rob-Crews-shares-details-of-his-recent-work-with-PROUSA-Softball--10U-PGF-Nationals--Sports-Performance-Specialist-Julianne-Soviero-offers-perspective-as-the-two-exchange-dialogue-e1tijo/a-a4jqbg This week, I had the pleasure of being a guest on Rob Crew's podcast. Rob has some amazing insights into softball, the mental game, and sports as a whole. Listen and share!

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What You Need to Know Before Tryouts

Around this time of year, there are typically tryouts for travel teams. This can be an exciting opportunity to find your perfect fit, or it can be really disappointing and frustrating. This week's blog is to help you find a team that will suit your needs. Hopefully, it will be a team that you can [...]

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Because Sometimes You’re Jennie Finch

Have you ever noticed how there are some games where you are dominant, have tremendous mound presence, and feel like no hitter could best you? If you are a beginner, one of these glorious days might just consist of throwing more strikes than balls at a pretty good speed. If you are in high school [...]

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Essential Hydration Guidelines

This week, I just wanted to do a quick informative piece to help you make sure that you don't pass out. That's right, it's been hot and it is entirely possible for you to suffer from heat exhaustion or even heat stroke in this weather if you don't hydrate properly. For some surprising things that [...]

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Game Day Checklist

We are now fully immersed in the travel season, and I therefore wanted to give you a little checklist of things that you should be packing before a tournament so that you are fully prepared. You can literally just print this out (or send it to your phone) and then review it to make sure [...]

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The Right Foundation

Last week, we emphasized why good relationships are so important in softball. Your life and your happiness are really built on a foundation of good relationships. If you are someone who wants to affect positive change in the world, know that your reach simply cannot go very far without others helping to share your message. [...]

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The Power of Relationships

It has been a great varsity season overall, although I know many of you finished out the season on tough losses. Unbelievably, this year I had two athletes come within one run of winning states and another two athletes come within one run of advancing to the state finals. Having victory so close at hand [...]

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Wins and Losses

I have been in the unique position of coaching pitchers who play for the State Championship nearly every year since 2010. That is an amazing, incredibly rewarding experience, but inevitably, some of my athletes will pitch against each other in the final games. This year, I had several athletes playing for Long Island and State [...]

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Your Legacy

Last year, you may have remembered a post I did about the girls from St. Anthony's high school who chose to forego their state final games in order to attend their senior prom. As an unfortunate scheduling conflict, St. Anthony's prom is almost always the same night as the softball state finals. This creates a [...]

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