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The Power of Relationships

It has been a great varsity season overall, although I know many of you finished out the season on tough losses. Unbelievably, this year I had two athletes come within one run of winning states and another two athletes come within one run of advancing to the state finals. Having victory so close at hand [...]

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Wins and Losses

I have been in the unique position of coaching pitchers who play for the State Championship nearly every year since 2010. That is an amazing, incredibly rewarding experience, but inevitably, some of my athletes will pitch against each other in the final games. This year, I had several athletes playing for Long Island and State [...]

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Your Legacy

Last year, you may have remembered a post I did about the girls from St. Anthony's high school who chose to forego their state final games in order to attend their senior prom. As an unfortunate scheduling conflict, St. Anthony's prom is almost always the same night as the softball state finals. This creates a [...]

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The Results Are in the Details

This week, I had my first two days back giving lessons since the birth of my son. I will be giving lessons two or three days a week from now on. The days will vary somewhat from week to week, depending on my husband's schedule and my parent's schedule. It was wonderful to see everyone [...]

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Your Top Playoff Priorities

Playoffs are in full swing, and you want to come at the competition with everything you have. As a coach, I am no stranger to success in playoffs, since I have had at least one athlete playing for states every year since 2010. I know, pretty exciting, right? So what do you need to do [...]

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How to Keep that Success Going

First of all, I just want to congratulate my athletes for what is proving to be an exciting and successful season. Though all of my girls who come to lessons consistently have had some incredible performances this season, there are a few that I really want to highlight: Alyssa Seidler has pitched 3 no-hitters out [...]

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Our Little Boy Is Finally Here!!!!

Our little man decided to come 10 days past his due date. He was born on Saturday, April 28th at 10:35 pm. I had to be induced but was otherwise fortunate enough to deliver naturally. I've got lots of stitches and swelling, because our little man was "sunny side up," but feel so incredibly blessed. [...]

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Major Recruiting Changes

The image depicted above gives you some ideas about how to allocate resources when you are ready to begin your recruiting process. But is it still applicable with the recent NCAA ruling? As many of you may already know, the NCAA recently made some huge changes to the rules surrounding recruiting. The new rules go [...]

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Control Issues

This week's post deals with both meanings of control issues: 1. Having control of your pitches and your location 2. Getting crazy when things are out of your control Yes, I am a Type A personality, so the latter circumstance is one that I really struggle with. In the first case, you can practice every [...]

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How I Unwittingly Reached a Huge Goal

I think that most of you know that I am at a point in my career where I have been teaching pitching for about 20 years. It has been an amazing journey through which I have met so many unbelievable people. Over the last several years, I have begun working to expand my reach and [...]

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