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Your Scheduling Problems Solved

It can be a really exciting time of year for all of us: college classes have begun, the showcase season is starting, and everyone is getting into a rhythm with school and fall sports. It's wonderful but it can also be really challenging if you need some help planning or keeping things in order. This [...]

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Building Your Team

As a pitcher, you know that you will be playing on several different teams at any given time. There's your travel team, school ball, and little league. Sometimes you might even play on two little league teams. I have actually had many of my young pitchers experience discrimination because of their talent: they are "too [...]

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Keeping the Fight

So it was a roller coaster of a week. Our beautiful boy was baptized on Sunday surrounded by family and friends. It felt like a fairy tale. I loved seeing so many people who mean so much to me in one place. I loved knowing that RJ is going to grow up surrounded by such [...]

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Your College Checklist

This is a time of year when many of you are leaving for college. You will understandably have mixed emotions: you might be excited and nervous. You might even be a little sad or feel intimidated by next-level play. Realize that it is very normal to have conflicting emotions at this time. Since this year [...]

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How To Work Your Speed

Last week we talked about speed and how its importance should not overshadow the other components that will make you a great pitcher. If you missed last week’s article, read it here. Here’s the thing, though: if speed was not important at all, no one would ever ask how hard you throw. So balance is [...]

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The Speed Trap

I have a confession: I always want more speed. When I was pitching, I felt like I spent years and years working towards the elusive 60 mph, only to hit it sporadically. After I had a lesson with Kaci Clark and she made a few amazing adjustments, I added 4 mph consistently. Then I was [...]

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https://anchor.fm/rob-crews/episodes/Rob-Crews-shares-details-of-his-recent-work-with-PROUSA-Softball--10U-PGF-Nationals--Sports-Performance-Specialist-Julianne-Soviero-offers-perspective-as-the-two-exchange-dialogue-e1tijo/a-a4jqbg This week, I had the pleasure of being a guest on Rob Crew's podcast. Rob has some amazing insights into softball, the mental game, and sports as a whole. Listen and share!

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What You Need to Know Before Tryouts

Around this time of year, there are typically tryouts for travel teams. This can be an exciting opportunity to find your perfect fit, or it can be really disappointing and frustrating. This week's blog is to help you find a team that will suit your needs. Hopefully, it will be a team that you can [...]

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Because Sometimes You’re Jennie Finch

Have you ever noticed how there are some games where you are dominant, have tremendous mound presence, and feel like no hitter could best you? If you are a beginner, one of these glorious days might just consist of throwing more strikes than balls at a pretty good speed. If you are in high school [...]

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Essential Hydration Guidelines

This week, I just wanted to do a quick informative piece to help you make sure that you don't pass out. That's right, it's been hot and it is entirely possible for you to suffer from heat exhaustion or even heat stroke in this weather if you don't hydrate properly. For some surprising things that [...]

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