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I had a big goal before the clock struck midnight on the last day of 2018: My goal was to let go of my most recent book (The Best Self-Help Book Ever Written), and just get it published already. This was easier said than done. For those of you who know me, I do have [...]

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This Holiday Season . . .

RJ says, "Merry Christmas!" First of all, I want to thank all of you.  I want to thank you for being amazing clients, for reading my blog, for sharing in the joy of my son being born, for referring others to me, and so much more.   I am truly blessed.   I know that [...]

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Life Long Learning

I will admit it: I am a bit of a book worm.   To me, every problem that arises in life can be solved with a book or a class of some sort.  Right now, my house is practically overflowing with books from the library.  I find that I get as excited about going to [...]

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I hope that this can save at least one life

Recently, the Long Island softball community was rocked by tragedy: a very young athlete on one of the local travel teams took her own life. This young athlete was not one of my students, but my heart broke just the same. I realize that this is not a topic that many people are comfortable discussing. [...]

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Planning Your Time Off

I think that most of you realize that you need some time away from softball during the offseason to avoid overuse injuries and mental burnout. This break also provides an opportunity for you to reconnect with your family and friends since you probably haven't been seeing much of them except when they are driving you [...]

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Off Season for Players AND Parents

You've just come off of a pretty intense run: you have had (mostly) nonstop softball since the preseason in January, and now you are finishing up your final fall tournaments and showcases. So what do you need to do? You need to make an actionable game plan that will leave you balanced, well-rested, and ready [...]

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To Improve Your Chances Of Getting Recruited….

This is a time of year when I often get asked a lot of questions about college recruiting. There are several reasons for this. Fall is typically full of showcases, and colleges generally have information out about their winter camps and clinics this time of year. Finally, with the early signing period rapidly approaching, many [...]

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Get Your Priorities Straight

When I was in high school, softball was always a nice outlet for me. I wanted to play Division I, and I practiced constantly. I enjoyed it, but I wasn't obsessed with it the way that I am now. I sometimes needed some convincing to go out and practice, and I was honestly a little [...]

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You Can Lose Before You Even Step On the Field . . .

Picture this: in the first game of a tournament, you throw four straight balls to walk the first batter. Try to imagine your mental state. Most girls start feeling frustrated or begin doubting their abilities. They start thinking things like, "I hope I don't walk the next batter" or "How am I going to get [...]

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4 Steps to Make Your Recruiting Dreams a Reality

Over the years, several of my pitchers have gone on to become successful Division I athletes. What is more important however, is the fact that those athletes have found good matches both academically and athletically. If you are not educated about the recruiting process and the recruiting environment, attending your dream school will become a [...]

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