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The Gym Is Dead

January is going to happen. It happens every year. With January come the inevitable promises to ourselves. Unfortunately, most of us give up on those promises before we have even had a chance to succeed. Resolutions to start eating right and exercising usually last about a week or two. Before most people get started, they [...]

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Softball Specific Cross-Training

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwugyUaw7PE Have you ever wondered how you can train specifically for your sport so that you can really take things to the next level? Kris Massaro has played softball at an incredibly high level AND has spent years and years developing great training programs for SOFTBALL PLAYERS ONLY. She is an exercise physiologist and [...]

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Muscle Fatigue in Fastpitch

Have you ever heard any of the following: "Softball pitching is a more natural motion, so you don't get tired." "You can pitch every day in softball without any problems." If you have been accepting these ideas as gospel, you would be mistaken. Pitch counts in baseball have been highly publicized because of a study [...]

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From Division I to Division III and Beyond

https://youtu.be/sjFSS-Lx4eQ I have been extremely blessed to play with some amazing pitchers, one of whom is Kim Scavone (you might know her as Kimmy (Nolan) Ryan. She is now the head coach at Meredith College and she gives us some amazing advice about recruiting, mindset, and all of the other important things you need [...]

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Why Cross-Training Matters

Early specialization in sports has become something of an epidemic. Coaches or parents push kids to choose only one sport to focus on from a young age, and that has far-reaching ramifications. For one, it makes it so that very young children are taxing the same muscle groups over and over again as opposed to [...]

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The “Blahs”

Alright, I know it can be a really tough time of year from a motivational standpoint. The excitement from the beginning of the school year has faded away, fall sports are winding down, and you might feel like you have plenty of time to get ready for your spring sport. In other words, it's really [...]

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Your Future Vision

Yes, that is a picture of me with the one and only Anthony Trucks (yes, from the NFL). He was just one of the many wonderful and awe-inspiring components of my four days at High Performance Academy. For those of you who were wondering, I did do the early morning workout lead by him, and [...]

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International Softball

https://youtu.be/VekAfGWOEr4 This month, we are honored to be interviewing Christina Whitlock about pitching and success. She has coached at a collegiate level (and therefore knows what she wants in recruits!) and is currently the coach of the British National Team. Let's talk about Olympics, World Cups, and success at an International Level!!!! Isn't this [...]

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Overcoming Adversity

This week, I am going to have you read a little less and listen a little more. I was completely honored to be interviewed by DeShawn Fontleroy of Sports Mastery. DeShawn and I love talking sports performance and this was one of the most enjoyable interviews I have ever done. We spoke about all of [...]

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When Loyalty Doesn’t Make Sense

Last week, we discussed loyalty in sports. We reviewed how it is extremely important to be loyal to our goals, principles, values, and the traits that we desire as we explore collegiate options. We also discussed loyalty to travel teams and coaches. Obviously, loyalty is a very important trait, but it can be abused by [...]

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