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Save Yourself From These Pre-Season Pitching Mistakes

So many pitchers make big mistakes when engaging in preseason preparation. These mistakes are usually very costly mid-season when you need all of your physical and mental skills to come together. One of the most common mistakes I see has to do with creating good timelines. Pitchers who have 6 weeks left until the season [...]

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Admit It: You’re a Little Scared

I want to talk about a topic that typically goes unaddressed: our tendencies to set goals that we are actually afraid to achieve. It sounds weird, right? Unfortunately, though, so many people do this without even realizing that they are doing it. Some people even engage in self-sabotaging behavior rather than face their own success. [...]

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The Biggest Myths About College Recruiting

One of the toughest things about educating yourself in the college recruiting process is that fact that there is a lot of misinformation out there. Some of the misinformation comes from people who are honestly trying to help but aren't really educated themselves (for example, the parents of other athletes who are going through the [...]

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Don’t Miss Your Chance to Earn a Scholarship

If you know me at all, you know how much I love giving pitching lessons. One of my favorite parts of working with pitchers, however, is having them tell me about the scholarship offers they have earned (the picture above is of one of my athletes signing her letter of intent). There's nothing like seeing [...]

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2017 Reflection

I can't believe it, but 2017 is winding down. So before we are swept up in the currents of 2018, let's take a moment to reflect on the past year (both the good and the bad). This is a post that I want you to make personal. So many yearly reflections are entertaining, but not [...]

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What it Takes to Go Pro

https://youtu.be/NaR1FNx1nhU I was honored to be able to find Alex and get a few minutes of her time. Her story is amazing, to say the least. She went from being an injured high school athlete to playing for one of the best Divison I Programs in the Country to winning a World Championship with [...]

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Why Showcases Might Be A Waste Of Money for You

I know. You want to play your sport in college. Playing at the collegiate level has become more than just a goal for many young athletes: it has become about scholarship bragging rights, it has become a source of pressure, and the search for that collegiate scholarship can put massive financial strain on families. Let's [...]

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Why Leg Drive May NOT Be the REAL Problem

If you are like most pitchers, you are really trying to max out your speed. You have been taking lessons and you have been practicing, but you still can't seem to throw as hard as some of the other girls your age. So you go to a few camps and clinics, and the feedback you [...]

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Getting Your Mind Right

https://youtu.be/4vc3dELXpj0 The Mental Game is often the most important part of the game at a higher level, but it is also overlooked. Do you engage in activities to better your mental game on a daily basis? If not, then you could be missing some seriously valuable opportunities to better yourself and best your competition. [...]

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The Gym Is Dead

January is going to happen. It happens every year. With January come the inevitable promises to ourselves. Unfortunately, most of us give up on those promises before we have even had a chance to succeed. Resolutions to start eating right and exercising usually last about a week or two. Before most people get started, they [...]

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