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Control Issues

This week's post deals with both meanings of control issues: 1. Having control of your pitches and your location 2. Getting crazy when things are out of your control Yes, I am a Type A personality, so the latter circumstance is one that I really struggle with. In the first case, you can practice every [...]

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How I Unwittingly Reached a Huge Goal

I think that most of you know that I am at a point in my career where I have been teaching pitching for about 20 years. It has been an amazing journey through which I have met so many unbelievable people. Over the last several years, I have begun working to expand my reach and [...]

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And Now You Have 5 Games in a Week

Much of the Flawless Fastpitch community resides in the northeast, and that has been challenging as of late. For essentially every week in the season we have had at least one snow storm, and there has been lots of rain as well. This means that many of us will be forced to have games nearly [...]

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Protecting Your Gains While In-Season

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZNsdwIPPh4&feature=youtu.be In this month's interview, we welcome Kris Massaro back to the program. Kris specializes in softball strength and conditioning and is a wealth of information. She also played at a very high level collegiately, so she knows what it takes to get to the top! Kris and I wanted to talk about some [...]

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Tear Down Your Obstacles

Let's face it: we all supply our coaches with "reasons" why we can't throw 65 miles an hour, or we can't practice as much as we should, or we can't have a change-up that works as well as the other girl on our travel team. You might perceive these as obstacles, but, more often than [...]

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FREE Chapter of the New Book!!

Chapter 6 ENERGY So I think we are all a little guilty of muttering the following phrase: “I just don’t have any energy right now!” We have also somehow been conditioned to believe that the answer to our energy problems comes in the form of an “energy drink” that smells like turpentine and greatly increases [...]

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The Commitment Factor

I have had several great conversations over the last few weeks regarding the importance of commitment. In my experience, success in any undertaking has more to do with commitment than anything else. This is especially true in sports, where wins and losses are very clearly defined. I am fortunately at an amazing point in my [...]

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The Verbal Commitment

https://youtu.be/7Ssm1MRx2Zo Verbal commitments have had a huge place in softball news over the past several months. With athletes in seventh grade committing to some of the country's top softball schools, you are probably wondering where you stand when it comes to your own recruiting efforts. Thankfully, we have Julia Tarantino to help us shed [...]

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How to Get the Most Out of Lessons

What I have noticed over the years is that many people tend to use pitching lessons and other lessons designed to develop athletic skills in a way that does not serve them best. For the most part, this just tends to be a result of not knowing how to best prepare for a season or [...]

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Avoiding the Fifth Inning Wall

I have the pleasure of coaching some wonderful athletes whose parents are really supportive. As a result, I get some great questions. One of my high school athletes recently pitched an indoor tournament where she felt that she came out throwing lasers and then decelerated dramatically as the game progressed. Her dad is always looking [...]

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