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When Loyalty Doesn’t Make Sense

Last week, we discussed loyalty in sports. We reviewed how it is extremely important to be loyal to our goals, principles, values, and the traits that we desire as we explore collegiate options. We also discussed loyalty to travel teams and coaches. Obviously, loyalty is a very important trait, but it can be abused by [...]

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I don't know why, but I have always been a loyal person. My dad used to actually use the term, "loyal to a fault" sometimes when I was growing up. Why? Because I would be so loyal to the people in my life that often, even as they messed up time and time again, I [...]

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What College Coaches Are ALL Looking For…

I am friends with several college coaches, have interviewed countless college coaches, and was even a college coach myself for a time. So what does EVERY college coach look for when they are recruiting (regardless of your position, sport, or travel team)? This may come as a shock, but they are not looking for you [...]

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It's really easy to get caught up in constantly trying to be better and constantly trying to do more. That's not always a bad thing. Daily personal development is one of the most important things a person can do for him or herself. As you probably already know, I am a huge proponent of the [...]

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The Incredible Courtney Hudson!!!!

https://youtu.be/h5f1f9oZiUI Meet the incredible Courtney Hudson! She is a personal trainer, mom, pitching coach, entrepreneur, and so much more! When she was coaching at Division II, she had an incredible win record, and saw her team to the College World Series! Courtney fills us in on some cutting edge research in the area of [...]

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Fasting? A Cleanse? What is all of this …….

There are always going to be different things in the world of fitness and nutrition that seem like they are designed to easily solve all of your problems. I remember reading about an "ice cream diet" on the cover of a magazine once. Before I was a personal trainer and did lots of homework on [...]

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Why Success is a Family Endeavor

My friend Rob Crews has worked with some of the best hitters in the game, and he usually knows the athletes who are going to be the most successful before they are even old enough to experience tremendous success. Why? He says that if you put the parents of all of the best athletes in [...]

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The Necessity of Mentorship

I am going to start this blog honestly: I have to teach you how to think. I don't mean this in an offensive way. It's just that so many of us get stuck in unproductive thinking patterns and then start getting aggravated and feel like we aren't accomplishing anything. It's so easy to have a [...]

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Parenting An Elite Athlete

https://youtu.be/mthw1GE6VY0 This post is especially for all of you amazing parents out there who might be feeling overwhelmed with everything you have to do for your family. Listen to the amazing Kim Guerci talk about how she balances her job, her children, her nutrition, and so much more. Stop feeling overwhelmed. We are here [...]

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It’s Killing Your Goals

We are approaching a time of year, when everybody gets to talking a lot about their goals: we want to lose weight by the end of the summer, we want to learn new pitches, we want to develop better connections with our loved ones, or we want to make more money. So what is the [...]

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