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Mother’s Day

When you think about softball players and their parents, most people picture a father and his daughter: they practice together, he drives her to games, and they watch their favorite sport on tv together. He pushes her when she needs to practice or needs to stop making excuses for herself. In many cases with lessons, [...]

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Reopening information and guidelines

I am excited to announce that we are planning on starting limited hours in the coming weeks and expanding more as time goes on. My husband (who is a pharmacist) recently tested negative for antibodies even though we know for a fact that he was exposed in January by one of his coworkers. So we [...]

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I know you are disappointed

Varsity sports being canceled has been a huge blow for us. I know. How do we stay motivated? How do we keep going? I wish I had easy answers. Will we have a summer season? I don't know. What will college look like in the fall? I don't know. What I do know is that [...]

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It’s Time to Evolve

I have watched pitching change dramatically over the last several decades. Different techniques and drills have created pitchers who are faster, more consistent and more kinesthetically aware. I remember a time when throwing 60 mph was a big deal and nearly a guarantee that hitters would be overpowered. Since 2010, I have had over five [...]

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Have Hope

https://youtu.be/RIZCldxzu9Q I know how difficult it is to be away from your team and the sport you love. Here is a brief message that I hope helps to lift your spirits. Do you still want to improve your pitching while keeping social distance? Join The Elite Pitcher's Blueprint and get multiple lessons and feedback every [...]

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Helping you to stay sane

I know that this is a hard time for the softball community. We are all itching to get back on the field. We miss our coaches and our teammates. We aren't sure how to best operate from home. We don't know what timeline we should operate on (should we act as if we will have [...]

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What do we do now?

The last few week's have met us with a series of unprecedented events and I know that we all feel a little anxious. Here are some things that I know are on everyone's mind: -How do I keep myself and my family safe? -How do I keep from being bored? -How do I use this [...]

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I had this crazy thought

This has been an amazing week for me as I have had two of my athletes gain 9 miles an hour in less than 3 months and I have had several other athletes hit massive speed goals (one of which was to hit 65mph, another was to hit 60mph). It really got me thinking a [...]

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Students are The Best Teachers

I am lucky to be learning every single day. I constantly learn from my (almost 2-year old) son: I am learning to communicate with him based on the words he currently knows, his body language, and his mood. I am also always learning how to adapt to his current skill set (which literally changes every [...]

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My pitcher: the football player?

Yes, the Super Bowl is this Sunday. As usual, I don't have any idea who is playing in it because it's not the college world series :) Regardless, football has been coming up a lot in lessons. Let me explain. Several of my girls have been doing some cross-training. They are trying to get every [...]

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