It’s a time of year when we, as pitchers, might decide to take a break from perfecting our motions.  Some of us might even be taking family vacations or looking at colleges. If you have been working hard all year, this is the time to step away from your motion for a few weeks. If you have been injured, have been lazy (be honest), have big showcases coming up, or are making a lot of progress lately, wait a little longer until you take a break.

Here’s the thing: our craft has many levels. It isn’t just about the motion: it’s about our nutrition, our cross-training, our mental game, and our collegiate aspirations. Taking time off of your motion should be the time when you put your energy into these other elements.  This is my reminder that there are other services that we offer to help you in these areas. For the month of August, I will be running a few specials.

A-Game Consultation:This one-on-one consultation is a necessity for pitchers who aspire to play in college. It allows both players and parents the opportunity to understand the collegiate process and how to navigate the confusing elements of recruiting. This is particularly important because of the recent changes to NCAA guidelines. Though there can be no price change on this service because it is a nationally established program, if you book a consultation in August, you will receive $20 off your next lesson OR an analysis of your college video (normally $75).     

Game time nutrition, advanced recovery techniques, and cross-training analysis:I personally think that this is an essential consult for anyone who wants to maximize her potential. Yes, it gets involved, but the results are incredible.  It is normally $250, but if you schedule in the month of August, it is $225 OR only $150 if you also order BOD and Daily Sunshine (or Shakeology). 

Havening/hypnosis:These are tools designed to help you transform your mental game.  This is also a great time to discuss the elements of the mental game that you might be struggling with and develop good routines/good mental habits.  A first session is typically $200, but is $175 if you book in the month of August  

Interested in doing all three? You can have a full day customized to meet your athletic needs (an hour of one-on-one pitching is included) for $800 (normally $1000).  Interested in doing two out of three? If you book in August, it is $400 (normally over $500).   

Take advantage of this unique opportunity since I don’t EVER run sales and these are good for the month of August only. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

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