I wholeheartedly believe in following your dreams.

There have been many times over the years when I strived for something that seemed impossible but was able to achieve my dreams strictly through dogged determination and perseverance.

My first several seasons as a pitcher were abysmal. I didn’t even do an arm circle for years. When I did, I felt like I had to relearn everything. My circle was crooked, my timing was off, I was comically uncoordinated, and if I was lucky, I only threw the ball over the backstop ONCE a game.

But I was stubborn.

I followed my dad around everywhere with a glove in my hand. My dad, perhaps trying to nicely tell me that I had little future in that position, would say, “why don’t we practice at first base?”

Nope. I wasn’t having it. I was going to pitch no matter what.

So when you learn from me, recognize you are learning from someone who is not a natural talent. Nothing at all about pitching came easily. There were tears, there were years sitting the bench, and there was some questioning whether I had made the right decision when choosing to become a pitcher. Then there was literally decades of research. I traveled the country looking for the best pitching coaches, the best physical therapists, the best athletic trainers, and the best pitchers. I was even involved in a pitching study done through Lenox Hill Hospital.

So my dream was to become an elite pitcher. Then my dream was to become an elite pitching instructor (even when everyone was wondering what I would do for a “real job”). I didn’t just accept the information about pitching and nutrition everyone else was using. I sought out the best. I have watched hours upon hours of slow motion footage, I became a personal trainer (over 15 years ago), I studied nutrition. All the while I was thinking: “if only there was a way to bring all of this information that I have garnered over several decades of research to every pitcher out there who needs it.” And now I am thrilled to say that I have found a way to do just that.

And so one of my greatest dreams of all is coming true.

I am sharing a platform with some of the best in the game to bring you information that you can’t get anywhere else (unless, of course, you want to do the several decades of research thing).

That’s right: I have always wanted to educate coaches, parents and players about ALL of the elements involved in successful pitching.

Not just mechanics.

Not just speed work.

Not just recruiting.

Not just injury prevention and cross-training.

I wanted to educate those who are really dedicated to their players, their daughters, and the game. I wanted allow them to bring everything to a level they never thought imaginable.

For a time, this dream seemed impossible. But now, I am thrilled to announce the first EVER Elite Pitching Intensive. When I bought my ticket to Georgia, I had a surreal moment: it was finally happening. You can’t imagine the joy. The Elite Pitching Intensive will take place at the same training facility that Team USA trained at: Chalklines Softball Academy. More importantly, I couldn’t dream of working with a better team of presenters:

-Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist and ESPN Analyst Michele Smith will be talking about the best ways to work on speed

-PTA Jimmy Johnston, who has worked with Olympic athletes, will be discussing injury prevention, cross-training, and pitch count

-Melanie Rushing and Jenn Starkey of MVP Leadership Academy will do an interactive session on the mental game.

-Rob Crews will be discussing recruiting

-I will be talking mechanics, spin, nutrition, and more

There is nothing like this event on the planet. It is two days of learning EVERYTHING involved in becoming an elite pitcher AND facilitating the development of elite pitchers (this is for all of you coaches and parents out there too!).

I want to thank all of you amazing people out there for inspiring me to do it.

Don’t wait, become a part of this exclusive event.

We can’t wait to see you in Georgia!

Visit the Chalklines website at http://www.chalklinessoftball.com

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